It’s even more regressive towards women than Julia Quinn’s books, despite being a cheerleader for racial equality


We can forgive Netflix’s Bridgerton for being historically inaccurate. But what’s problematic is just how inaccurate its portrayal of women is, compared to Julia Quinn’s magnum opus.

None of the book characters are people of color. So, the Netflix hero, and many other prominent characters being POC, was a breath…

Productivity | Self-Improvement

Use This Psychology-Backed Trick To Accomplish Your Toughest Goals

Image of a woman thinking about her to-do list and winning a badge after completing it.
Image created by the Author.

Are you too overwhelmed and daunted by your lofty goals sometimes?

Have you been avoiding even thinking about certain must-do tasks?

Don’t know where to start and feeling stuck?

I hear you. As the pandemic and remote work became the new normal for me, so did an apartment that was…

Personal Essay

From a time I wanted to be alone to a time I don’t.

Photo by the Author.

I remember a time when the most important decision about travel we had to make was agreeing on a destination with our fellow travel buddies — friends, family, or partners.

We didn’t have to worry about crossing borders to meet loved ones, not knowing if the powers that be would…

To some of the most offensive questions, society asks child-free women.

Photo by Jens Lindner on Unsplash.

Women who choose not to have a child must be awarded — Sadhguru, an Indian mystic and founder of Isha Yoga.

“So, when will you give us some good news?“ ask strangers you’ve just met, distant relatives you barely talk to, and nosy aunties from your building.

For the uninitiated…

Manasi Kudtarkar

IT Manager and a freelance writer who likes to laugh, inspire, and help. Here’s the decision-making cheat sheet that changed my life —

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